Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is a tantric massage exclusive for women: Yoni massages are performed as a genuine method for developing your sexual experience to greater levels, or for sexual healing.

I started learning about Yoni massage for myself, all the experience that I get from it where amazing, I learned about my body, my needs and my sexuality, that is why I want to share this knowledge with you. 


Having a Yoni Massage with Exotic Massa

I define myself as non binary gender, that make me a free soul to enjoy all human bodies in all shapes, with me you will feel comfortable, open and relax, it can be your first time, you are pro or just curious, we gonna enjoy the whole session together.

During the Yoni Massage it will be no rush, and at all time you can ask me questions or tell me your limits, this is about respect and being open minded to enjoy the Yoni Massage completely.

For the Yoni massage I use Aromatherapy oils to improve the sensations in all your senses, the atmosphere is relaxing and sensual: open your mind to express your sensuality in the way you feel, you can let yourself go with me, I am gonna relax and make your sensuality grows during the session till you get the most satisfaction and relaxation.

Yoni massage is exclusive a lesbian massage?

No, Yoni massage is a Tantric massage for women, Yoni massage is beyond the sexual orientation, is about women body and sensuality, Yoni massage helps to improve your confidence and sexuality and is a nice time for you to enjoy a good pamper.

Sessions and Rates

The rates reflect the quality of the service, privacy and discretion is guarantee, a high class service is the most important for me, I focus on you since the beginning to the end there is no rush just a pleasant time in an comfortable space. 

60 minutes incall £200  60 minutes Outcall £250

90 minutes incall £300  90 minutes Outcall £350

Please call or text in advance to set up the area properly to bring you a high class massage.